NASA Great Lakes 944 Spec racer Matt Giuffre and Dan Piña were vying for the 2020 regional 944 Spec championship. All Giuffre needed to do was finish ahead of Piña at Autobahn Country Club in October to clinch the championship, but to finish first, he must first finish, as the old adage goes.

In a race with its share of carnage, Giuffre had a decent start, but traffic from the class ahead held him up just enough for both Piña and Derrek Morehead to get by. After an incident brought out the double-yellows, Giuffre had three laps to try to work through lapped traffic and catch up to the front, but he couldn’t get it done. On the bright side though, at least he avoided that pileup in Turn 6.

Great Lakes 944 Spec racer Matt Giuffre.
Image courtesy of Matt Giuffre

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