National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park has quickly become a favorite among drivers in the surrounding regions, and it’s easy to see why from Nicholas Dugdale’s flyer in Time Trial 5. It flows well and there’s just enough elevation change to help and hinder a driver. On this particular lap, Dugdale was able to beat his TT5 lap record from 2022 and better it by more than a second at 2:18.009.

Images courtesy of Alan Waltz and Nicholas Dugdale


  1. Solid driving, no bad habits, good seating position. I may have saved a shift or two, but when you’re looking for tenths………..
    Very technical sections in the middle and end of the lap on an unforgiving looking track(not much paved runoff or gravel traps and grass is more slick than dirt). Some of the curbs look violent.

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