OK, this is going to make everyone who isn’t a NASA MidAmerica member jealous. In this installment of the NASA Racing Gear Store Move of the Month, NASA MidAmerica driver Jim King shows us around Hedge Hollow Raceway’s full layout in his Radical SR3. The surface looks smooth enough to shoot pool on. Hedge Hollow is one of the two newest tracks in the country that NASA MidAmerica gets to enjoy. In fact, NASA MidAmerica is returning to Hedge Hollow May 17-19, so if this Move of the Month whets your appetite, you too can pack up and head to Hedge Hollow.

Images courtesy of Andy Schultz and Jim King


  1. It’s a nice track. Good length, wide, flows well, good mix of turns. They still need to mark/paint the apex and exit curbs.
    I see places where time is being left on the table starting with turn 3?, the first right. It’s increasing radius so you should be apexing and back to power way earlier.
    The left at the end of the second straight. You should be hard on the power off the apex. Forget about apexing the second part of the right, just keep the throttle buried and let the car track out far left. Turn in earlier to get to the apex of the right at the end of the semi straight. Just keep the throttle buried until the braking zone. Even if you turn in from mid track or farther right/in, at least you’ll be more likely to make the apex on this long, constant radius turn. Trust the car, trust the aero in the higher speed turns.

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