If you look at the upper left corner of this video and then listen to the audio, something seems amiss. That’s what got our attention and warranted a feature on NASA Northeast driver Brian Goldburg’s car and its construction. What’s missing is the sound of the thunderous Ford V8, and in its place is the howl and wastegate whoosh of a twin-turbocharged Ford EcoBoost V6. Yep, you’re looking at the only EcoBoost-powered Panoz on earth — to the best of our knowledge. Ride along as Goldburg tackles Watkins Glen in his EcoBoost-powered Panoz. Enjoy.

Image courtesy of Mike Woeller / WindShadow Studio


  1. Night and day difference between grip on hot and cold tires the first lap.
    Not bad driving. Still some places time can be gained with some extra risk. Comes down to earlier turn ins and/or earlier throttle commitment.
    Looks like they ground and smoothed the apex curb going into the bus stop. The left curb can still upset the car though.

  2. It’s good to see that Brian has improved his driving and is avoiding extra risk. After being wrecked by him last year, I hope these improvement continue and others do not have to experience the pain of rebuilding a race car when someone ignores the risk of certain low percentage situations (especially during practice).

    • Bedding your brakes during any session and not watching your mirrors is hpde mistakes. You don’t own a turn once the overtaking car has his front tire at the driver of the car being overtaken. The mark on your car is almost on your front fender and definitely past the driver. Nice try John, read the rules. You turned in and didnt know I was along side you so quickly. Its unfortunate. Happy to discuss with you but you didnt return any of my calls.

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