This might be a record number of cars passed in a Yokohama Move of the Month video. It’s doubtful NASA NorCal Super Touring 4 driver Anthony Zwain was keeping count, but when he got back to green flag racing at Sonoma Raceway he passed 13 cars in one lap, weaving and dodging on a track that doesn’t leave a lot of places for off-line passing. Sonoma is arguably California’s most fun track, and it’s huge fun to watch. Enjoy.

Image courtesy of Jan Bass


  1. Jerry Kunzman and I would often start at the back of the field and race each other back to the front. It was some of my fondest memories of NASA and Jerry. Jerry made me fast simply because he was afraid of nothing and every race meant pushing the limit even further. Thanks Bro.

  2. Diced through those lowly Miatas like traffic on a crowded freeway LOL. Slightly better cornering and better straight line will do that.
    I would have looked to go left around the Camaro out of 2. Hesitated for a second around the Miatas into 11.
    Good stuff though from a very well set up car and a great driver.

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