In the April installment of the Yokohama Move of the Month, we present four candidates for you to choose as the one winner of the Yokohama Move of the Month trophy.

As announced last month, presenting four videos at one time will be the format for the Yokohama Move of the Month going forward. On the third Wednesday of each month, we’ll post four videos for and by NASA members. Be sure to watch all four videos and click the like button for the video you think is best suited to be named the Yokohama Move of the Month, and be sure to share the links on your favorite social media channels and have all your friends vote!

The winner of the contest will receive a handsome plaque from NASA National partner Yokohama Tire, which we will announce in the NASA News section on the third Wednesday of the following month, when we’ll show you four more. You get the idea.


Finger Lakes Traffic — April 2023 Yokohama Move of the Month

NASA Northeast drivers love racing at Watkins Glen, and this video is a testament to how hard they race up there. In this clip ST5 racer Ahmad Lutfeali drives his Toyota GR86 around No. 727 Michael Natilli in his E36 M3 in the uphill esses section of the track, weaving through some heavy traffic to get it done. Natilli comes back around him in the Inner Loop chicane and then Lutfeali gets forced off in the grass, but kept the car pointed straight ahead, and went on to win the caution-shortened race.


Lap One, Turn 1 Avoidance — April 2023 Yokohama Move of the Month

All is fair in love, war and Turn 1, or so the saying goes. Like love and war, the plan you might have going into it can change pretty quickly as NASA NorCal ST4 racer found out at the 2022 NASA Championships last September. As the ST4 cars plunged into the Andretti Hairpin, which is really Turn 2, Lydon had to add a bit of opposite lock in the middle of the turn, and then do his best to avoid another car that spun.


Spec E46 Battle at Mid-Ohio — April 2023 Yokohama Move of the Month

2022 Teen Mazda Challenge National Champion Harry Voigt also raced in Spec E46 at Mid-Ohio in 2019. During the qualifying race, Voigt started from third with the No. 75 Team Razors Edge MV car next to him in fourth. The 75 car got under him in Madness on lap one, and Voigt pursued for a good portion of the race. As the two cars began to dice through Spec E30 traffic, Voigt was able to get back around him in the Carousel and hold it till the end of the qualifying race. Voigt finished sixth in the Championships race in Spec E46 in 2019. Team Razors Edge MV finished third.


A Good, Clean Under-Over-Under — April 2023 Yokohama Move of the Month

As often as they happen on track during a race, there is nothing more satisfying than a clean, well-executed pass. NASA MidAmerica ST4 racer Matt Wilson gets underneath a competitor into the first right-hander, which gives him the better line to tackle the next left, which lets Wilson complete the pass, all captured by what has to be a pretty fancy camera.

“Despite my ABS going out before the race and having difficulty downshifting in Turn 1, which you can see in the video, the competitive spirit and camaraderie between our regions shone through during this exhilarating Blitz race,” Wilson said. “I thoroughly enjoyed racing with NASA Texas.”

Images courtesy of Brett Becker, Mike Woeller | WindShadow Photo, Cody Wilbur, Downforce Media and Matt Wilson

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