For this Yokohama Move of the Month, you can watch all of this or just the first few laps. Whatever you choose, this is a fun race to watch, and it proves NASA Florida is a hotbed of American Iron racing. No. 11 NASA Florida driver Carmine Pace, who finished third in Spec Iron at the 2016 Eastern States Championships at Watkins Glen and won the Spec Iron National Championship in 2017 at Sebring, takes the green flag at Homestead-Miami Speedway and picks off one car, then badgers the next for a couple of laps before he gets by, then spends the rest of the race going back and forth with his racing buddies, exhibiting some masterful braking all race long and finishing third. Sit back and listen to the screaming soundtrack of those Ford V8s and enjoy.

Image courtesy of Carmine Pace

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