Anyone with a momentum car will watch this video and give a knowing nod. For those of us with faster, heavier cars, well, this is how the other half lives.

NASA Texas ST6 racer Jose Garcia takes the green at Eagle’s Canyon Raceway and immerses himself in the field of mixed-class cars, including Spec E46 and an ST4 Camaro. Eagles Canyon is the kind of racetrack that accentuates the accordion effect, because it offers a series of corners where small and light momentum cars can catch the heavier, higher-horsepower cars. It also has some straightaways that let the big-power cars get away. It also looks like a real hoot to drive.

Garcia did manage to get around the Camaro — briefly — and went on to finish P1 in ST6.

Image courtesy of Jose Garcia


  1. Looks like a fun, long, technical track. Flows nicely, smooth. Love the double apex downhill left.

    You may want to try turning in a little earlier for some turns for less steering/slip angle.

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