The events that lead to earning a NASA Championship are fascinating in that they can be as random as they are fortuitous.

Take NASA Mid-Atlantic racer Christopher Michaels Honda Challenge 2 victory for example. Michaels had the pace, but had to start from the back of the field for the championship race because he’d suffered mechanical problems on Saturday. In fact, he started from dead last on Saturday and then had a fuel line come off, which is what ended his race. He acknowledged how lucky he was that the car didn’t catch on fire.

The first several laps of the Championship race are spent fighting hard through traffic, but when he gets a nice push from an out-of-class car, he closes on the leaders Holden Metzner and Morgan Zeger, both of whom also race in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Throw in a couple of cautions, more traffic and faster car with which to draft and Michaels goes from last to first to win the 2021 Honda Challenge 2 Championship. Well done.

Image courtesy of Christopher Michaels

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