A restart can be frustrating if it undoes everything you worked hard for during a race. It also can be a blessing if you get things right, as did NASA Northeast Spec Miata racer Chris Graham who was running P4 under caution before a restart at New Jersey Motorsports Park in this installment of the Yokohama Move of the Month. With not much time left in the race, Graham knew he needed to act quickly at the restart. Graham was on the same radio channel with a spotter as Jim Tramontano in the No. 313 front of him.

The spotter called the green flag, but the car ahead checked up due to the yellow flag still being displayed in Turn 12. Driving car No. 370, Graham timed his start off that yellow being pulled and got a run on both cars in front of him. Look to the left side in the video past the bridge and you can see the corner worker pulling the flag. Graham jumped P3 and P2 right in Turn 12, defended for a few laps and was able to hold onto second, where he finished.

Image courtesy of Mike Woeller / WindShadow Studio

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