The Reward

Not long ago I began a new regimen of walking and bicycling, and there where hurdles to overcome. First was the ability and determination to motivate myself to get started, but more importantly, to reach a point where I was committed enough to stick with it. I knew from past experiences that should I not stay committed, everything would be for naught, and in the end I would rate the endeavor a failure.

As I continued to keep my commitments of my new regimen, other obstacles kept popping up that I needed to overcome. “It’s cold out today.” “My muscles are sore.” “Who am I kidding? I’m too old for this stuff.” And then the doubt steps in accompanied with the lack of desire.

This is the true test of how badly you want something. What I learned is that by pushing onward, there came a time when I thought there was going to be too much pain to bear, but then I realized it wasn’t so bad after all. Suddenly my pace picked up, I felt better, and best of all, my confidence began to escalate!

Finding this confidence made me realize the same thinking can be implemented to become a faster and more confident driver. By pushing yourself when you have doubts, you will soar to new heights of confidence. However, you won’t gain that confidence unless you challenge yourself to do so. Each time you overcome a hurdle, such as finding a faster, smoother line through a corner or set of esses, your self confidence and esteem will increase. Eventually you will come to the realization that there is no end to what you can accomplish or how fast you can go. Rather it’s more akin to making your way up a long staircase with no end, always another level to move up to.

I also realized a lot of people looking to get in shape find they can push themselves to new heights with the help of a personal trainer. In my case, I was fortunate to have a good friend who would go riding and walking with me, who pushed and motivated me. At first. it quickly became apparent I was never going to be able to push myself to do any better, but with someone else there to challenge me, I found myself pushing much harder to keep up. Eventually I found myself not only keeping up, but also in much better shape and truly enjoying it.

When learning to push oneself to drive faster, smoother and with more confidence, that too can be accomplished with the help of a personal trainer or friend. One of the biggest advantages of being involved with NASA is its personal trainers, also known as driving instructors, who are free for the asking.

As was the case with my friend who challenged and motivated me to ride my bike and walk faster, which boosted my confidence, pairing up with a friend on a regular basis at the track can accomplish the same results. Just imagine how smart it would be to hook up with someone every time you head to the track. You could share a pit space together, help each other with thoughts about car setup, tire pressures, racing lines and so on.

In all sports, a little friendly rivalry can help set the thermostat higher, and in the end, you both will find your performance soar to new heights. Pushing yourself ultimately will make you realize confidence you never knew you had in you, and the results will be the reward that you will find exhilarating and great for your self esteem. Don’t be afraid to push yourself. The reward outweighs the consequences.

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