Better Days Ahead

I’m gutted for so many people around this COVID-19 pandemic. The medical staffs still reporting for their long shifts. Law enforcement that selflessly continues to report for duty. Military personnel having no idea what could happen next, all while being away from their families. Many of these people are a big part of my racing family. Motorsport contractors and employees need these postponed or cancelled events to get by.

However, there’s a much bigger picture here besides just our 2020 motorsports events. Motorsports is my love, my life, and my livelihood. This will certainly hurt many of us. I look forward to many things, mainly getting people back out to play with cars with a common sense of normalcy. It’s still uncertain what that looks like, but staying up to date on the fluid situation helps. Staying in touch with friends and colleagues helps. Understanding what people want versus what is reasonable seems to be helping. There is nothing that can please everybody. So many of these decisions are difficult, and I’m grateful for everyone’s continued love and support.

This is not meant to induce fear or panic. Quite the opposite. My previous comments on this subject were all for process and empathy. That has not changed. Take it from me that the good in humanity will prevail and we’ll be back to fun times eventually. I have seen rock bottom and live here today to tell you about it.

I’ve had no money before and lived in a trailer, and on a friend’s bean bag chair another time. Since then, I’ve grown to make motorsports my full-time life, traveling the amazing United States with friends, playing with cars. Do not be scared of tough times. Do not worry about things outside of our control. Embrace the challenges! These challenges are just tests. No different from having to start at the back of the pack. Any further tests might be easier or more difficult, so we must face them objectively, dust ourselves off, work harder than the next person, and welcome the challenges. Life owes us nothing, but rewards the diligent, especially in times like these.

Good, er, scratch that, great times are ahead. We’ll be back to our family gatherings at race events sooner rather than later. Stay strong, stay safe and keep being resourceful — after all, racers are some of the most resourceful humans on Mother Earth — and above all stay positive!

I love you all and appreciate the continued support! NASA will be back bigger and better than ever after all of this.

As a final note, the first person to break their car on-track, after having all this time off to make it perfect, will be shamed! We’re allowed to drive racecars on the street here in Texas for now, so no excuses!


  1. Very timely words form a timeless guy. Thanks for being the uplifting voice in our time of dark clouds. Wait, he said “We’re allowed to drive race cars on the street here in Texas for now…”? Great, just great. Everything cool you just said…GONE! I’m returning to my corner where I can get back in the fetal position and resume sucking my thumb while I flick the light switch on and off…Thanks again.

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