The Ford F-150 Lightning, a pioneer in the electric truck market, represents Ford’s ambitious leap into the future of sustainable transportation without compromising on power, capability, or utility. Combining the iconic design of the F-150 with cutting-edge electric propulsion technology, the Lightning promises to redefine what it means to be a pickup truck in the 21st century. Unlike some of the competition, Ford has decided to be much more normal in some respects to appeal to more traditional buyers.

The F-150 Lightning retains the bold and rugged design language of its gasoline-powered counterparts while incorporating subtle yet distinctive elements that highlight its electric powertrain. The front fascia is dominated by a striking LED light bar spanning the width of the grille, providing a modern and aggressive stance on the road. Aerodynamic enhancements, such as the sculpted hood and streamlined body panels, contribute to both efficiency and aesthetics. Overall, the Lightning’s exterior design balances familiarity with innovation, ensuring it stands out as a forward-thinking vehicle while maintaining its unmistakable F-series heritage. Ford knows its customers, and understands the F-150 customer wants a truck that looks like a truck, and that is what Ford has delivered.

Stepping inside the Lightning reveals a spacious and well-appointed cabin designed to accommodate everyone in comfort. High-quality materials, ergonomic seating, and ample legroom ensure long journeys are enjoyable for all occupants. The Lightning’s interior is also a showcase of advanced technology, with a large infotainment touchscreen offering seamless integration of entertainment, navigation, and vehicle settings. The interior looks the same as almost any other F-150, but the huge center screen really stands out. If you have been in a recent F-150, you will feel right at home in the Lightning.

FEquipped with dual electric motors — one at the front axle and one at the rear — the Lightning delivers exhilarating performance matched with exceptional efficiency. Instant torque from a standstill propels the Lightning forward with impressive acceleration, making merging onto highways and towing heavy loads effortless. Multiple drive modes, including Normal, Sport, and Tow/Haul, allow drivers to tailor the vehicle’s dynamics to suit their preferences and driving conditions. Despite its considerable size and weight, the Lightning feels remarkably agile and responsive, thanks in part to its low center of gravity, which results from the placement of the battery pack beneath the cabin floor. The Lightning is really quick, and it can do 0-60 in 4 seconds flat. And it will do it without drama, time after time. It is remarkable how effortlessly it just accelerates. For the record, the new Mustang GT does 0-60 in 3.9 seconds with the automatic and 4.3 seconds with the manual transmission.

One of the most critical aspects of any electric vehicle is its charging infrastructure and range. The Lightning addresses these concerns head-on with impressive charging speeds and a competitive driving range. With support for Level 3 DC fast charging, the Lightning can replenish its battery from 15 percent to 80 percent in as little as 40 minutes. With an 80 amp Level 2 charger, it can take about 8 hours to accomplish the same task. There was only a 32 amp Level 2 charger near us, and at that rate it takes about 19 hours to do the same, which was horrible, but it was a free charger. Being able to drive the Lightning with a free charge was pretty cool.

In terms of range, our truck, which had the extended-range battery, showed around 320 miles with a full charge. But driving in the city and freeway does deliver mixed bag results. Just like a gas-powered car, the miles to empty estimate is usually not very accurate. It is far better to look at the battery percentage. We drove the Lightning on the freeway for about 130-mile round trip and the gauge showed just over 60 percent charge left, which is very good.

The 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning represents a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of electric vehicles, combining the unmatched versatility and capability of the F-Series pickup with the environmental benefits of electrification. From its striking exterior design to its advanced interior features and exhilarating performance, the Lightning sets a new standard for electric trucks, demonstrating that sustainability and practicality can coexist without compromise.

There are strong competitors out there that are more flashy, but if you want to buy a truck to use as a truck, the Lightning is the one to get by far. It’s also eligible for up to $7,500 Federal EV tax credit for qualified buyers. The F-150 Lightning is poised to revolutionize the pickup truck segment and pave the way for a cleaner, greener future on the open road.


Engine: Dual transverse electric motors, front and rear, 4WD
Horsepower: 452 std., 580 with extended-range battery
Torque: 775 pound-feet
Front Suspension: Independent
Rear Suspension: Independent
Transmission: One-speed electric motor
Axle Ratio: NA
Curb Weight: 6,015 to 6,893 lbs.
Base MSRP: $62,995
Image courtesy of Ford Motor Company

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