How to Get Speed News

Every now and then, it’s necessary to use this column space for something other than tying together random thoughts languishing in my head. This month, I wanted to be sure NASA members were aware of all the different ways to get Speed News and how you can win some great gear in our “Click to Win” contests each month.

To begin, there are three ways to get Speed News magazine. First, it’s available online at The preceding link will take you to the page on the site that houses the latest issue of Speed News and all the back issues, too. If you have a nice big monitor, that’s the best way to view some of the great images we get from track photographers in each NASA region. The online version also gives you the option to download the publication as a PDF and one-button mechanisms for sharing the magazine through social media sites.

Second, Speed News is available as an app through the Apple App Store at this address: The app is free to anyone who wants to download it to an iPad — and you don’t even need to be a NASA member. That means everyone can get in on the great photos, technical content and racing coverage. It also is more convenient in that each new issue arrives on your iPad with no need for you to do anything. When you get the email blast that the new issue is live, just go to your iPad and the latest Speed News will be there waiting for you.

Third, Speed News is also available through Hewlett Packard’s print-on-demand site, It’s kind of funny, but as much as we regard the future of media as a digital entity, one of the more common questions I get is whether the magazine is available in print. There is still a value to having something you can hold in your hands, something tangible that digital cannot deliver. When a friend or relative asks what you do on all those weekends you’re away, you can just hand them a printed copy of Speed News and reply simply, “This.”

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Naturally, the video and live links don’t work in print, but the quality of the printed product is first rate. It does cost a bit more than what you’re accustomed to paying at your local newsstand, but that is the nature of print on demand. I like to keep a copy on the coffee table so friends can see how much fun it is to race with NASA.

As much fun as it is to race, it’s also fun to win free stuff, and that’s why we put together our “Click to Win” contest. In each issue, there is a “Click to Win” icon. We used to put it in a different place every issue, which was designed to get you to examine the magazine more closely. However, we might have outsmarted ourselves with that idea because it didn’t seem like enough you were finding and clicking the icon. So we’ve changed the program.

Now, the “Click to Win” contest will always appear on the “In Gear” pages, which we use to keep NASA racers abreast of new developments in the performance and racing industry. Look for it this month on Page XX.

We also felt that some of you might be reluctant to click the icon because you didn’t want your email address bombarded with spam or to be sold as part of a marketing list. Simply put, we don’t do that. Happy reading. And clicking.