This race didn’t end as planned for NASA Great Lakes ST6 driver Michael Weber, but the first several laps certainly were exciting and a testament to the challenges of the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and the competition in ST6 in the Great Lakes Region. Weber started from fifth, and mixed it up for several laps when trouble, well, struck in Turn 13. Weber got stuck in the gravel, but he was able to compete in races two and three that weekend, finishing one step shy of the podium on Sunday.

Great Lakes NASA ST6 racer Michael Weber.
Image courtesy of Michael Weber


  1. That’s going to happen every single time he doesn’t check his mirrors before swinging over IMO and it’s the same way he managed to hit TWO cars on Sunday by re-entering the track at speed after driving off during a bad pass attempt.

    • I’m presuming you are Jack Baruth? According to timing and scoring, it appears you were disqualified twice that weekend for 2 punts, so it seems rather ironic that you would make that comment.

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