Here’s a track we don’t hear much about, but in this video, NASA Texas TT3 driver Gunn Kim flogs his Nissan 370Z NISMO around Motorsports Ranch Cresson. The TT3 car weighs 3,180 pounds and makes 303 average wheel horsepower, and is fitted with factory aero bits. With lots of negative camber corners, Motorsports Ranch Cresson looks as tricky as it is fun. On top of that, the VQ37 engine makes for a fine soundtrack. Enjoy.

Gunn Kim and his wife Chloe.
Image courtesy of Gunn Kim


  1. Well, I’m gonna be a downer, but with a good purpose in mind: It’s a disservice to the NASA community that all of the videos have locked/closed comments. Not only can we not high-five the drivers and tutorial video folks but we can’t talk amongst ourselves, either. This is hurting NASA. You need to increase community relations to increase sign-ups and shutting people out of conversations that could be very helpful is doing no good. I want to talk to this driver about that track and I can’t. You didn’t even bother to include his online contact links so it’s a dead-end article that serves no purpose here.

  2. Very technical track. Like an autocross course, almost always working. A few short straights to rest. A lot of combination turns, as well as double and even one triple apex.
    Video should have started on the front straight at start/finish.

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